Model C E-Bike-White Ready to Ship

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The Model C is a classic style utility electric cruiser with long-range battery life making it the perfect ride for commuters, with integrated charger and retractable cord for on-the-go charging. Taller riders will find this model the most comfortable cruiser in our collection. 

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This EBC Top Seller Model C comes in White with Black leather stitched grips, Black seat, Black chain guard, Black fenders, front and back lights, White rear cargo rack with MIK plate for easy Basil MIK accessory swaps, and 26-inch wheels.

Electric Bike Company (EBC)

Made in the U.S.A.

When you invest in one of our bikes, you’re buying the highest quality, most comfortable – and safest – e-cruiser on the market. Why? Because while most e-bike brands outsource bike building, this is where we excel.


Our process allows us to cherry-pick materials and accessories from suppliers around the world, allowing our team of bike specialists to focus on building each bike.


Our experts, engineers, designers, and customer service associates are housed in the same buildings as our production, painting, packing, testing, and inspection teams. This gives us quality control at every stage of the process, ensuring every e-cruiser meets rigorous EBC standards.




Ride Testing

What’s Included

Includes: Repair Kit, Anti-Theft System.

(Airtag Trackers sold in-shop)