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Welcome to Oahu.

I hope you feel the special spirit of Aloha we have here in Hawaii. Please accept the gifts that are freely given by the land and by the people of this island.

Like any guest, you give. You give of yourself when you meet those around you and when you interact with the natural abundance of this land.

Our Challenge to you is to make the pledge to give your gift of Aloha, an abiding love, to those around you. Make the pledge to be a good stewards of the land both here in Hawaii and wherever you come from. Make the pledge and learn what it means to live Aloha and share it with all those around you.

Whether you are visiting or Kama'aina, we all need more Aloha in our lives. We need eachother. Hawaii isn't Hawaii without the beautiful souls that live here. Take some time to slow down and give of yourself.


Michael Gulden
Owner of Active Oahu

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About Active Oahu

We Are in Oahu to Share, Uplift and Educate.

Adventuring outdoors is our passion and the great thing is, you can be "active" no matter how athletic you are. We help you get out and experience Oahu in an active way. Rent a kayak with us and paddle in Kailua bay, cruise on an electric bike to explore Kailua Town or pick up some beach chairs and umbrella for some active relaxation on Lanikai Beach.

Connecting with nature, being present in your body, being outside with friends and family, that's what being active is all about.

Oahu is a special place. It's called "The Gathering Place" for a reason. Visitors are welcome, but remember, Hawaii isn't Hawaii without the people, the culture and the Aloha.

There's so much more to share with you! If you wanna find out more, Check out our about page for info about our guiding principles, why we do what we do and what we are involved in.

Kayaking Guide to Oahu

Whether you've been there done that or are new to exploring the island, there's something for everyone in our Oahu Recreational Kayaking Guide.

Our Oahu Watersports Hub in Kailua, Oahu

Just a short drive from Waikiki, our shop is the adventure hub for the best kayak rentals on Oahu

Our top favorite is kayaking in Kailua Bay out to the offshore seabird sanctuary islands. Kayaking from Kailua Beach Park to Popoia Island or the Mokulua islands is an adventure. Kailua has great kayaking year-round and is only a 30 minute drive from Honolulu. The whole area is sheltered by a series of reef formations that serve as a thriving habitat for Hawaiin Green Sea Turles and endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals. We can provide you with rental kayak or paddleboard landing permits for Kailua's Popoia island (Flat Island) and the Mokulua Islands, Moku Nui (The Twin islands, Ne Mokulua). Once there, you can appreciate the nesting seabirds called Short-Tail Sheerwaters, relaxing Hawaiian Monk Seals (often resting on the beach) and the occasional Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle cruising along the shoreline. Kayaking in Kailua is our top requested location. We provide foam pads and straps so you can drive the rental kayak on your vehicle right to the beach!

Next is the kayaking and hiking trip to Mokolii, also known as Chinaman's Hat.


There's so much more to share with you! If you wanna find out more, Check out our about page for info about our guiding principles, why we do what we do and what we are involved in.