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Whether watching dolphins to hiking the Manoa Falls Trail to embarking on an odyssey of the culture of Oahu, And You Creations strives to leave guests more fulfilled than they were before they visited the island.
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Page Last modified July 22, 2022

Correct Price Guarantee with Active Oahu

Pricing on the checkout page comes directly from the tour operator, therefore, pricing listed on the website may vary from those in the checkout due to the tour operator changing the prices without notifying us. If you notice any prices are not correct, Contact Us so that we can update that information.

The price at the checkout is always the correct and accurate price and will be the same price you will pay if you were to book direct with that tour operator. We protect you against arriving at a destination and finding the same tour or activity offered at a lower price from our operator.

Discount Codes

We believe you should get the lowest price possible offered by the tour operator. Many tour operators offer online booking discounts and we try to make sure those are posted on our website. We try to keep those updated, but sometimes they expire or change. If you notice any discount codes don’t work or are missing, Contact Us so that we can update that information.

Refund Requests with Active Oahu

Transactions on are made directly with the tour operator you booked with, so you will need to abide by the tour operator’s cancellation policy which is included in the confirmation email you receive after booking a tour. The tour operator’s cancellation policy is also included on the specific activity and company pages on

Most tour operators will gladly refund your purchase if it’s more than 48 hours before your activity start time. If you have trouble getting in contact with the company you booked with, give us a call at (808)498-1894 and we can probably help you out. The tour operator’s contact information is included in the confirmation email.

All refund decisions will be made by the tour operator you book with.

Taxes & Fees

Taxes and fees are included at checkout. Hawaii General Excise Tax is 4.127%. If you are booking online, FareHarbor, the vendor who owns and operates the booking software, charges an online booking fee, normally about 6%.

If you would rather not pay the online convenience fee, call us at (808)498-1894 and we can help you book your activities over the phone.

  • Your choice of Eco Tour, Dolphin Excursion and Local Island Tour
  • Watch wild dolphins
  • Snorkel with fish and sea turtles
  • Great crew and guides
"It was a blast. We had an amazing experience with seeing dolphins and turtles and experiencing beautiful nature. And we could see that all the staff members were trying so hard to make sure of our safety and that we go home with Wonderful memories. Big thanks to them, especially Karen the Japanese translator/tour guide who had the most cheerful attitude with a big lovely smile!"
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– makoto20
Kyoto, Japan
"The service and attentiveness was amazing felt safe and comfortable the whole ride and experience was really nice. The shuttle picked us up and they were very welcoming as well..."
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– Merisa R
"The experience was well worth the money and the shuttle arrived perfectly on time. Other than the dolphins and sea turtle we got to see, the hardworking staff really made the experience for us. They were very helpful with my girlfriend who was having issues with her goggles and even checked in on her afterwards to make sure everything was going well. Would recommend highly!"
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– Dominic M.
San Jose, CA
Company Overview

And You Creations started with owner Richard Holland and a big dream: to share the life-changing experience of swimming with wild dolphins with Hawaii’s visitors. The experience eventually became Hawaii’s first state-permitted wild dolphin swim tour. Through the 30 years of operation that followed, the tour evolved into Hawaii’s best dolphin tour! Dolphins and You has since expanded into ‘And You Creations’, a multi-operational tour company that also offers hiking tours, circle-island tours and more. Whether watching dolphins to hiking the Manoa Falls Trail to embarking on an odyssey of the culture of Oahu, And You Creations strives to leave our guests more fulfilled than they were before they visited the island. Its aim is to share the message of peace and unity with other people and the environment, as Hawaiian culture teaches to do, and experiences in nature are the best way to do so.

Cancellation Policy

You are booking directly with . The operator's cancellation policy is shown at the checkout screen and on all email communications. View General Cancellation Policy ›

Cancel or Refund Your Tour

Please send tour cancellation requests or rescheduling requests directly to the operator you booked with. The cancellation policy for each company is included in the checkout process adjacent to the payment info and is also included in confirmation and reminder emails.

When in doubt, notify the operator you booked with and communicate with them as soon as you know you will need to cancel or reschedule. The earlier the better. Refunds are painless and rescheduling is easy using the FareHarbor software. So, don’t fret, the contact info for your operator is included on the top of all email communications with you.

If you need specific instructions on how exactly that process works, check out our guide on How to Cancel or Request a Refund ›

Abide by the general cancellation policy and you’ll should be totally fine, although each operator has their own policies.

General Cancellation Policy

If you cancel at least 7 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel between 3 and 6 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee. If you cancel within 2 day(s) of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

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