Active Oahu Tours

Private Custom Adventure Tours

Join us for an off the beaten path adventure to experience some of the best scenery and activities on North Shore Oahu. As an exclusive experience, tours will include just your group or family paired up with one or more of our adventure guides

  • Private guide for your group
  • Great scenery
  • Great for families and small groups

Gunstock Ranch

A Paniolo horseback riding experience for all ages

Gunstock Ranch offers a variety of horseback rides that each offer their own unique experience with the animals, cowboys, and natural environment on your trip. There is fun to be had for all riders, no matter the age or amount of riding experience.

  • Great North Shore views that you can’t see from anywhere else
  • Experience horseback riding with a cowboy leading the way
  • Friendly staff and well trained horses for all riding levels

Surf HNL

Best beginner surf lessons on the south shore of Oahu.

Surf HNL's beginner surf lessons are catered to each person. Boards, rashguards and booties are provided. Instructors teach students the proper techniques on land before helping them practice in the water. Everyone is sure to have a fun time!


Learn on an uncrowded surf break on the south shore of Oahu.

There is plenty of one on one or two on one attention for all students.

Children’s lessons are wonderfully catered to meet their needs.

Aaron’s Dive Shop

Expert guides for all experience levels, even if you aren't certified

Expert divers will instruct guests at all experience levels. Guests do not have to be dive certified to scuba dive with them. Advanced divers can experience old ship wrecks and all the sea live that comes with it.

  • Great for advanced or beginner divers alike
  • Professional and experienced diver masters
  • Introductory dives don’t require you to be certified (only afternoon dives)
  • Personalized small group instruction


Oahu Parachute Center

Where breathtaking adventure meets breathtaking views.

Skydive into the sunset at 10,000 or 14,000 ft above the ground with beautiful views of the North Shore. Tandem jump or solo jump with their highly trained staff.

  • Experience the  exhilarating thrill of skydiving with the added beauty of the North Shore at sunset
  • Enjoy excellent service catered to first time jumpers and seasoned jumpers alike
  • The skilled photographers and videographers can capture your experience and perpetuate the thrilling memory

Makani Catamaran

Best catamaran snorkel and sail on the south shore

The Makani Catamaran can carry up to 79 passengers with a crew of five. It has two bathrooms, covered and open-air seating, full bar with non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, and a full surround sound system.

  • Swim with Green Sea turtles and watch them be groomed by fish
  • Dive, jump, or flip off the catamaran into crystal blue water
  • Relax on a large and well kept sail boat
  • Enjoy a filling lunch as you sail by the peak of the Diamond Head crater

Hawaii Shark Encounters

Swim eye-level with sharks from the safety of a cage

  • Soak in unreal moments of swimming in the water with sharks.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of snorkeling on the surface within the safety of a cage.
  • Understand the complexity of shark conservation with the help of the educated staff.

One Ocean Diving

Amazing and life changing swim with sharks

One Ocean Diving aims to redefine the relationship we have with sharks. You will get education and instruction, participate in shark research, and most of all, experience these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

  • Experience wonder and awe as you swim beside these commonly misunderstood creatures.
  • Enjoy peace of mind by swimming with guides who are experts in shark behavior.
  • Feel the freedom of swimming and free diving in the open ocean alongside sharks.